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force, this is sooooo frustrating! you can find the matrix reloaded script under every fucking rock you turn online but how about the x-men 2 script? (or transcript, who's picky?!)
noooooooo, noone seems to have it, noone seems to want to pick up the collector's edition of the art of x2 and make a fucking scan!
i've been looking online for the script for so long, it's gradually becoming an obsession! even if i find the damn thing in some fancy bookstore downtown athens (yeah, fat chance!), i can't afford it! i have already spent most of my extra money for this month.
yesterday i got me 3 dvds:
a. "the x-men 1.5" (two pieces, i gave one to my buddy fani as a gift ^___^)
b. "swordfish" (who can resist half-nekkid, hacker-boy jackman?!) and
c. "gossip" (only 'cause i couldn't find "disturbing behavior" and i needed a jimmy marsden fix where i could see his eyes. oh, yes i'm deep thankyouverymuch)
if i could only get the script too, my happiness would be complete. not to mention the fic i'm writing. *grin*
oh, man! i'm so wired! i'm seriously considering on creating a scott/logan community! 'cause there's not enough wolvie/cyke luv goin' around mates, not nearly enough.
i couldn't believe how spoiled i was from the tpm fandom with it's talented authors and thousands of fics. and you won't believe how long i have to look to find a decent cyclops/wolverine story among all those creepy mary-sues!!! *feels skin crawling* is this what the birth of a new fandom feels like? (well, movieverse is new considering comicverse counts decades! *g*)
force, look at the time! better get home while i feel creative. (just *don't* ask why i'm still at work...) wish me luck on my english exam tomorrow!
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