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my ‘end course report’ for the ‘business english - advanced i’ class i was attending, turned up in my mailbox a couple o’ minutes ago. i scored 80.7/100 which is not as bad as i’d thought it’d be since i had skipped homework for most of the semester. ::eg::
what i really wasn’t expecting though, were these comments:

Student Assessment in the Areas of:
READING: Rena reads clearly with ease. She understands a wide variety of texts.
LISTENING: Her listening skills are very good and she usually understands a great deal of what she hears.
SPEAKING: Rena speaks confidently and quite fluently. She uses colloquialisms and a wide range of vocabulary. She also contributes well in lessons.
WRITING: Her writing is clear and mostly accurate. She uses a good range of vocabulary.
GRAMMAR AWARENESS: From the pieces of work which have been completed, Rena seems to have a sound knowledge of grammar. Mistakes of this kind are few.
RANGE OF VOCABULARY: She has a very wide range of vocabulary especially of a non-business nature.
PRONUNCIATION: Her pronunciation is clear and very accurate.

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