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rant ahoy: work madness!

today i have to produce the it requests report for june/july. ::wince:: i'd like very much to kick their collective asses for the random errors i found in the raw data. ::growl:: hey bub, when you close a request you have to say when you did it! that's why i'm busting my ass to make the report: to show you were working and not sitting on your ass this period, you morron! ::more growling::
i was about to send in the stand by schedule for it/billing&provisioning services but bs decided on last minute changes on who's in or not. they sent me half the file back. ::pause:: only their changes! the rest was deleted, including the ps part of the dept (which i can't tell apart from the rest of the dept). ::facepalm:: how the fuck am i supposed to know who was deliberately left out beanbrain?!
::deep breaths::

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