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Drabble: 'Flavor'

Title: Flavor
Author: Ishi-No Kokoro
Rating: R for implied sexual acts ::cough::
Challenge: 'A Picture's Worth 1000 Words', inspired by 'The love triangle'
Pairings/Fandom: Scott/Logan, Scott/Jean, Logan/Jean, X-Men, Movie-verse, post X2
Word Count: 250 Words
Chocolates to: Scott Summers ::duh!::
X-posted to x_men100 and my lj queenofstars

The moment she stepped back into our lives it was over between us, as if a single day hadn't gone by since Alkali Lake. He didn't take it well; deep inside somehow I didn't expect him to. Then again, I wasn't expecting the pain he was now masking behind hunger either.
"Well, you know me Slim," his gruff voice caressed my lips, "I ain't a quitter. I'll take yer taste anyway I can." Bending, he licked them for one last time.

He had been stalking her since she walked out in the garden, circling her, sniffing the air around her, when no one was looking.
Or so he thought.
She hadn't showered that morning, deliberately taunting him with my scent on her skin, knowing how it fed his possessive jealousy for her.
Or so she thought.
His eyes had closed long before his lips crashed hers. He drinks from the mouth that loved me so well less than 3 hours ago; licking, sucking, devouring and I'm glad they can't see me standing there, peeking behind the drapes.
Or so I think.
His eyes snap open the moment her eyelids flutter shut and his stare bores into mine, challenging, threatening to crack the quartz by sheer will. I turn away. This is a battle neither I want to fight nor win. He cannot know my pain. He cannot know it hurts more watching him kissing Jean than seeing her kissing him back.
Even if he's only having a taste of me.
Tags: fanfiction, movies:x-men
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