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Last night's one-hour nap resulted to a 15-hour deep slumber... I woke up a few hours ago, feeling rejuvenated and hungry as a bear. ^___^ I needed sleep *badly*. Work tends to be too stressful lately and I find myself spending long, sleepless nights reading Qui-Obi angst fanfic from my new toy, (a nifty black Visor Deluxe palmtop from Handspring), hoping against hope to relax.

To my surprise, I have stumbled across the kind of stories I needed to read these days; Qui-Gon saved by Obi-Wan after "the scene that didn't happen" in any way you can imagine. As I need inspiration for my own piece, I call it 'research'! At least to my mother, when she questions me about spending too much time with my toy. ^___^

Ok, so I missed you and you last night but I will see you online today, right? *hopeful grin*
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