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i'm in kalamata in a net-cafe... ::sigh::

it's supposed to be my vacation. ::whimper::
since i got here last friday instead of sunbathing, taking long swims, trolling my way through every club and pub available and generally having the time of my life at the really beautiful kalamata, i'm feeling miserable, net-deprived and for the life of me can't stop thinking about work, chores i left behind and billy who's royally pissed at me me for not having made up my mind yet if there will be an "us" or not. ::growl::
a week ago i was so looking forward to this vacation, hoping to relax after what's been a trying year for me both in working and personal level. and here i am, bitching about my. ex. all. over. again! why force do you punish me like that, why?
oh, hell. i can't wait to get back to athens to bury myself in my 'puter. only thing that keeps me sane right now is my trusted handheld which now holds 5 more pages of x-men slash i wrote.
yay me.
i was really hoping to talk to someone really close to me about recent events, you know, vent, scream, bitch, cry, but he's away abroad and won't be back 'till the end of the week. ::sigh::
if i manage to get online once more before friday, when i'm supposedly getting back to athens, i'll get a little more specific about what's happening, if not, tune in next week for the full version.
off to read some scott/logan smut to clear my head.
Tags: rl:ex-boyfriend

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