June 12th, 2002


I want to kill my mother.

I know tomorrow I will regret this entry, probably make it private only, but right now I don't give a rat's ass. I'm so pissed off I can scream, so don't you start with me now!

So she's been bitching me for a while now to pick up my stuff from the living room (where my compy is), and tidy up my closet. I didn't want to do it. So I did what I always do: ignore her. Only this time, she grabbed the first things she saw in front of her and tried to throw them from the balcony; my Star Wars magazines along with my IRS papers. I wrestled my stuff away and threatend her seriously with throwing out of the window her favorite porcelain pumpkin (among other things).

Guess what she did; she threw the main power switch while my compy was on. She cut the power while my baby was online. *growl* I don't care how right she was. If anything happens to my puter, I will fucking kill her. My baby, my work, my memories...*sigh*

It's almost 1 after midnight, way past my current bedtime, I'm still going through paperwork and trying to figure out where to hide the extra magazines. I didn't get to finish the mini-map I promised a former colligue. I'm tired, sleepy and cranky, my new contacts are killing me and I still have an hour or so before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll regret it but tonight I want to kill my mother.