May 26th, 2003

nothing lasts for ever

"what do you say when it's all over..."

what hurts most is that i believed him. i believed that he loved me. i wanted to believe.

when we started, he asked me to take a change with him. i told him that he was asking me to risk my heart. he said go for it.

and i did, stupid me.

i wanted to believe.
i needed to believe.
now i know.
he never loved me.

stupid me...
mckay: don't let the stars get in your e

hey, slavelabour

you are a sweetheart and i'm a dork.
i'm sorry i haven't answered your ims. i kept putting off re-installing trillian in my home pc, after i rebuilt it and i only saw your msgs at work where i can't really talk about anything...
can't say that i'm anymore ready now to discuss the situation than i was then =O| but if i see you online, i promise, i won't hide ^___^

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