July 13th, 2003


force i *heart* sg1!

i was watching a stargate episode --don't ask what season, i've lost force knows how many eps before i found out it was back on greek tv, "seth" is part of that season so there you go-- and this big rescue has just taken place.

so camera pulls away, team is walking towards the gate with their allies and --are you still with me?-- jack ruffles daniel's hair playfully. my heart skipped a beat *grin*. they keep walking, hands brushing as they do and *just* before camera fades to closing credits, daniel lands an affectionate blow on jack's butt. :::thud:::
god, i love this show's subtext! too bad i can't handle another full-time fandom. *sigh* i love the interaction between those two.

back to writing my scott/logan drabble ^___^ oh yeah, the movie line bunny took a liking to my ankle and won't let go until i'm done ^___^. looks like it's going to be doubble chocolates for them to share too *pats bunny*