July 14th, 2003


my livingroom looks like the x-mansion after the raid *giggle*

there are boxes, all kind of dusters, empty glasses and bottles, all scattered around. you see, yesterday i bought an extra 512mb ram module for my 'puter and a new graphics card, sapphire beast all in wonder radeon 9000 pro. i never allow anyone touch the insides of my 'puter, it's my baby, my creation, so i always upgrade it myself. that's why my l-room looks like someone dropped a bomb and i'm covered in dust from head to toe, surfing the net *and* watching tv in the upper right corner of my screen. :::grin:::

yer looking at a happy-happy kitten! :::purrs::: a kitten who has to straighten the mess and take a quick shower before bed. ::sigh::
g'night everyone!

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oh lookie! it's a drabble! :::squeeee!:::

(no, it's not the one i was writing all weekend... still working on that. :::grin:::)

Author: Ishi-No Kokoro
Pairing: Scott/Logan
Fandom: X-Men, Movie-verse
Rating: beats me and them...
Disclaimer: not mine. :::sigh:::
Un-betaed, cross-posted to x_men100

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Note: After 3 years in the TPM fandom, who would have known that my first offering to the fanfiction gods would be a Scott/Logan drabble? Not me anyway... :::glares at half-written Q/O story::: My MSWord counts 100 words and line in bold is from Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown".