July 21st, 2003


obsessed fangrrl alert!

in two hours i have to leave for work but i can't bring myself to go to bed.
i'm up, downloading "kate & leopold" with kazaa-lite, over my crappy 56k dial-up, squealing in delight with every minute saved in hard drive. i can preview what i have d/loaded, which leads to more squealing and happy silly-wolverine dances. ^___^
it's official: my hugh jackman addiction is claiming it's rightful place up there, next to my ewan mcgregor and liam neeson obsession and the fact that i'm willing to put up with Blond Mop's(tm) perverse idea of acting says it all. ::blah::

you are all i have left

A drabble per week isn't that bad for a new writer... is it?

Author: Ishi-No Kokoro
Pairing/Fandom: Scott/Logan, X-Men, Movie-verse, post X2
Rating: whatever is appropriate for sexual themes
Disclaimer: not mine. :::sigh:::
Un-betaed, x-posted to x_men100 and my lj queenofstars
Note: This drabble was supposed to meet both last week's challenges but my Scott!Muse deserted me halfway through. I thought of punishing him but now I'm happier with the outcome and the extra 150 words he gave me. Therefore I'm letting him share the chocolates with Logan. My Word counts 250 words, story deals with lack of sleep, first couple of lines in bold were first spoken by Bo and Cherie, in "Bus Stop", second couple of lines in bold are from X2 so I guess there’s a spoilers warning somewhere in here too.

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And now that you've seen what I can do, is there anyone brave enough to beta for me next time? ::bats eyelashes::

Edit: Fixed weird wording in 2 lines, word count stays at 250. Serves me right for posting sleepless at 07:00 a.m. ::sigh::