August 29th, 2003

nothing lasts for ever

is life weird or whot?

my brother just handed me an envelope addressed to me. sender reads 'spyros zarouchlas'. i don't have to open it; i know what it is.
his wedding invitation.
same wedding i was once asked to be maid of honor.
ever had one of these friendships where you thought they would last till the end of years? the whole platonic "growing old and grey together"? we used to laugh at friendships crumbling around us, feeling cocky that ours would last, supported by eleven years of common history. he chose me as a maid of honor for his wedding long before he ever met his bride. "that way we get to be family".
and now, he won't even meet with me to give me his wedding invitation.
my blood brother.
where are my cigarette makings? i need a smoke.

molis mou edwse o adelfos mou ena fakelo pou hr9e gia mena me apostolea ton spyro. den xreiazetai na to anoi3w na dw ti einai, 3erw.
to prosklhthrio tou gamou tou me thn nana.
pou 9a eimouna koumpara.
me to taxudromeio.
oute kan xeri me xeri.
pou einai o kapnos mou? xreiazomai ena tsigaro.