September 26th, 2003


friday weirdness

i opened the company's organization chart --last updated on april ::rolls eyes::-- and my eye fell on the name of a messenger i had grown *very* fond of, who left for another job.
and as i was thinking how much i've missed him over the months, door's buzzer is going off and there he is, nick, delivering today's mail! x__O;;
it appears he was covering for one of the other boys (awww, how sweet! ^__^) just for the day. he came, he joked, taught me 2 new dirty words for goodmorning and good evening (mental note: share 'em with bill), made my whole day in less than a minute and a half and left like a man on the run. ^__^;;
now, i'm waiting for s.a. (my hod) to send me the corrected minutes from yesterday's dept meeting so i can publish 'em and go home so my weekend can start.
oops, obi-wan 's screaming "master" from my e-mail client. ::checks:: yep, minutes are here. have to go.

have you seen bruce almighty?

it's about a negative jack-ass who gets to be god for a while, just to see how tough it is and Collapse )

i'm taking bill to see it tonight.
if he won't catch my drift the first time, i'm taking him to see it again.
and again. and again.
until he gets it.
even if it means i'll have to buy him the dvd too.