October 29th, 2003

you are all i have left

I'm happy to report that yesterday's post...

...was a false alarm.
Before you start throwing all kinds of stuff at me, let me tell you that we did have a huge fight. Really loud yelling, a bit of cursing, accusations flying back and forth, the works. I was so reeled up I even slammed the phone closed. And he hates that. He really, really hates that. I didn't do it to get at him. It was either keep talking and break up (which I thought we did at the time) or end the fight at least until I stop seeing red. Apparently he hang up on me at the same time so my doing it didn't quite register. ::shrug::
So, we went out yesterday and had one of the longest talks in our history together. It was a nice change from the distance he has put between us this past month. ::sigh:: He is very stressed over his new job, being the new kid on the block and all, and he accused me of not being supportive enough when he speaks of how tired he is or his daily mistakes or whatnot. I guess I'm not good at petting egos anymore ::makes face::
I have to cut this short 'cause I have to get home sometime today (still at work ::blah::). Point is we seem to be better than a week ago. I'll just have to take it one step at the time and see what happens. Let's hope I won't have to beat the shit out of him for making me look like an ass for the second time in a year.
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