January 31st, 2004

support all marriages


::smack:: ::smack::
Coffee. I need coffee. I slept like the dead for 7 hours in the morning and feel sick as a dog... What did I miss?
::skims flist::
New icons... nominations...
Oh, everyone is talking about Chimera. Hm. I'm tempted to see it. ::pets divx file sitting in my drive:: It's really confusing watching Stargate this way. I mean, I have watched season 1, most of season 2, all season 3, first half of season 4 (forcehelpmewhataseason!), none of season 5 (nope, not even Meridian; I know, I'm pathetic), only Abyss from 6 and as for 7... Collapse ) You can see how partial viewing can mess with someone's mind.
Now, where's my coffee?