February 6th, 2004

sam: jack's not my s.o.

"Shibboleth" - Stargate SG-1, J/D, drabble

Title: Shibboleth
Author: queenofstars
Challenge: The West Wing episode titles from stargate100
Pairings/Spoilers: J/D, Meridian/Revelations and after (to think I haven't seen them yet O.O;;)

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omg. I'm at work and instead of working my ass off to catch up with my delayed deeds, I wrote my first Stargate drabble. I'm so gonna lose my job... ::boggles:: Warning: I'm Greek and it's unbeta-ed; I can't find a person bold enough to proof-read those suckers before I post them. And I'm not done with Meridian and the likes, not even remotely. ::sigh::

ETA: If it sucks, tell me so. Don't try to spare my feelings. I don't want to end up in the part of the fandom who think they are doing it right when in fact their stories are totally lame. Really. Hit me and hit me hard.