March 22nd, 2004

jack: thank you god

Heh! It's about time I spammed my lj too!

I have this bad habit: when a piece of fiction is rec'd, I read everything the writer has written too, in the hopes of finding more decent slash. Half the times I find out the hard way why there was only one piece recommended ^___^;;
I'm reading a piece I stumbled upon when I followed such a rec and half-way through I find myself asking "why on earth would anyone write a closer-to-50-than-he'd-like, ex-black-ops USAF Colonel acting like a desperately horny teenager and in a mission on an alien planet of all places for crying out loud?"! And my insomniac brain supplies: "because odds are it was written by a desperately horny teenager?" Gods, my inner Jack really picks the times to make an appearance! ::groans::

Since I broke it last week I haven't to be able to bring back my "no lj at work" rule. Damn, there goes another New-Year resolution down the drain. ::wails::