May 21st, 2004

jack: the stuff legends are made of

everyone is showing off their sg1_showdown entries

The only thing I've managed to find time for in lj-land these past weeks of havoc, was sg1_showdown. Even though I didn't get one of these cute banners (and damn but I had my heart set on one of those ningyouhime made for challenge 10), the creative process alone was therapy enough for my frail nerves. Not to mention they were the only deadlines I actually kept. o_O;;

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01. challenge 04 . . 02. challenge 05 . . 03. challenge 06
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04. challenge 08 . . 05. challenge 09 . . 06. challenge 10

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Please, take what you like. You can modify the bases to your liking or ask me to do it for you. Comments and credit will be treasured but are not essential. =)