September 5th, 2004

daniel: sex  (by jr_moon)

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane

Well, it's a bus but who cares. =)

I'm leaving in a couple of hours for Kalamata to visit my cousin Mary and her husband. My very pregnant cousin Mary. ::squeeee:: I plan to spend a week swimming, sunbathing and kissing her belly. =D

Chances are I'll be back late Saturday night, since there's no new SG-1 episode to download. I have to leave my boxsets behind and cousins don't have internet so I'm worried by Wednesday, I'll be in serious withdrawal. Let's hope a Visor full of stories will be enough for me not to go nutsos while away. Yep, I'm pathetic like that when it comes to Stargate. ::sigh::

Troubles with my 'puter made me miss Daniel Appreciation Week. The 400W power supply kicked the bucket mid-week and I had to use a crappy 250W one. At least I had internet as I waited for the brand new 500W to arrive, but it meant that every device except for 2 of my 3 hard drives had to be stripped from the compy to prevent malfunctions. Oh well. I'll do something when I ge back, icons most likely. Haven't made any since I re-installed Windows 2 months ago because I'm too lazy to install all those fonts I need. Hopefully a week away from work will bring back my creativity and my muses.

See you in a week all.

::pets new icon from jr_moon::

::trots away to pack::