November 15th, 2004

jack: the stuff legends are made of

It is inevitable.

It seems that every lj user goes through this stage at some point of their online life: the massive unfriending. I have avoided it for over a year now, but Real Life kicked in and there's not much left I can do anymore. I use so many filters, I've lost control over their contents; can't hide from you I long for the days the only filters I used were called "people" and "comms". So I've decided it's time to take a hard look at my reading list and try and keep the journals I read at least on a weekly basis. Well, mostly anyway.

Time to bite the bullet.

It's not easy for me; while I'm keeping everything Stargate, I will be leaving out some pretty cool people here. I'm unfriending journals I haven't read in more than a year because our interests parted ways, one way or another. I'm unfriending journals I couldn't make the time to get to know the people behind them even though I really wanted to. I'm unfriending journals people keep as 'friends only' and may not take me back if and when I add them again. I'm unfriending inactive journals. I'm unfriending overactive journals. I'm unfriending journals that have nothing to do with fandom. I'm unfriending communities, I'm unfriending, I'm unfriending... *sigh*

I'm unfriending journals, not people.

I'm sorry I don't have more of a way of an explanation. It's not personal. See you around in a community or a mailing list guys.

[This post will be linked from my user info page. I've also screened comments for those who would like to leave a note or something. Thank you.]