December 1st, 2004

j/d: otp

Jack, Daniel, Jack/Daniel: here be icons.

There is a rant bubbling inside me caused from the latest spoilers, but I've decided to make a few icons, instead of giving in to depression. For the time being that is.
Not that many but all of them are either Jack icons or Daniel icons or Jack/Daniel icons; some older that I've never found the time to post, the rest brand new. Nothing special, just therapy with my favorite old, married couple.

01. 02. Collapse )

I've also made a simple glow-y wallpaper, nothing fancy:

<--- 1024x768, 245k, clicky opens new window

Caps from jd_daily, rda_daily, daniel_daily or mine, big honkin' J/D scan from the fabulous twins.

Share them, enjoy them and spread the J/D love. If you use them, please credit me in the keywords. Please don't use them for e-mail stats, sigs or whatever, they are meant only for journal icons. Thank you.