May 14th, 2011

mckay: don't let the stars get in your e

From Twitter 05-13-2011

I *know* I saw in my tweeter feed a photo of @mishacollins & wife renewing their vows but can't find it anywhere. Did I imagine it? #spn
Oh, false alarm, it was on my lj feed. *saves to disk*
He looks so handsome in his wedding dress. #ThingsYouNeverThoughYouDWrite
@stagie yes and the smudged kohl. Looks delightfully debauched. XD If I could find a guy like that, I'd get marrired too. x_O;
@stagie what? Why? They're charming photos of two people w/ sense of humor who look so happy together. They look like they had a blast!
@stagie I'm confussed: because of the dress-up or the accidental leak?
@stagie I meant why they bother you so much but nevermind *handwave*

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