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i'm such a geek

most ppl use their favorite actor/fandom/art/pet/obsession etc. as their default lj icon.
me? i use one of myself... ::points at said icon:: does this mean i'm my favorite person? ^__^;;

soooo! time for a re-haul of the icons' section. i installed photoshop 7 a coupla days ago. already have a new scott/logan icon, 2 more in the makings and i plan to fix the shadow in the one i'm using (looks to me like scott's playing peek-a-boo instead of leaning on logan's shoulder x__X). i should make a jack/daniel one too, yeaaa... and a .gif with ewan and liam and hugh and jimmy and richard and michael and oh boy i love my fandoms! ::giggle::

ok, time to go home. work's internet bandwidth is addictive. ^__^
Tags: layout, lj
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