10 September 2003 @ 05:18 pm
my cell phone is gone. ::sniffle::  
monday night i lost my nokia 6510.
stupid me left it in a cab. x__X;;
those who know me, knew what it meant to me.
it was practically an extension to my hand.
3 years worth of sms? gone.
::poof!:: just like that.
not even my brand new t-six-ten can make up for the loss.
(i don't want to take pictures damn it, i want radio with my phone!)

slymole, kloneland and all of you sweeties that monitor this space *winks at friksos*: i still have the same phone number so drop me a line with yours (cell-, home-, etc.) 'cause i had them stored only either in my sim or phone memory. =0/
i'm feeling: bitchybitchy

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