26 September 2003 @ 06:09 pm
friday weirdness  
i opened the company's organization chart --last updated on april ::rolls eyes::-- and my eye fell on the name of a messenger i had grown *very* fond of, who left for another job.
and as i was thinking how much i've missed him over the months, door's buzzer is going off and there he is, nick, delivering today's mail! x__O;;
it appears he was covering for one of the other boys (awww, how sweet! ^__^) just for the day. he came, he joked, taught me 2 new dirty words for goodmorning and good evening (mental note: share 'em with bill), made my whole day in less than a minute and a half and left like a man on the run. ^__^;;
now, i'm waiting for s.a. (my hod) to send me the corrected minutes from yesterday's dept meeting so i can publish 'em and go home so my weekend can start.
oops, obi-wan 's screaming "master" from my e-mail client. ::checks:: yep, minutes are here. have to go.
i'm feeling: amusedamused

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