Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

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I'm insane

Instead of packing (I'm leaving in 2 days for Kalamata to be a bride's maid at my cousin Maria's wedding ^__^;;) I'm writing a responce to an individual who thinks that it's her duty to "relieve" us from the "burden" of the two inactive lists her list replaced. ::facepalm::
No chica, reporting Star Wars fanfiction lists to Yahell is not good for fandom. Save your posts for your barely-breathing list and stop spamming those we like to keep as archives. ::growl::
Owww, I can hardly wait for her answer, see me bouncing in anticipation...? NOoooT!
Tags: fandom, movies:starwars
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