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music meme

Haven't done a meme in a while. This one kinda jumped at me and grabed me by the bagels. snatched from obislollipop

take a stroll down memory lane with me:

01. Reminds you of an ex-lover:
No Doubt - Don't Speak. Actually reminds me of all my ex-lovers...
02. Reminds you of an ex-friend:
City - Am Fenster
03. Reminds you of your childhood:
Duran-Duran - Wild Boys or The Reflex or Save A Prayer or anything from the Decade album
04. Makes you cry:
Ewan McGregor & Jose Feliciano - El Tango De Roxanne
05. Makes you laugh:
Village People - YMCA
06. Makes you wanna dance:
Underworld - Born Slippy
07. Makes you very, very sleepy:
Um... dunno... lullabies? =OP
08. You wish had been written for you:
Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red
09. Fills you with complete joy:
U2 - It's A Beautiful Day
10. You never want to hear again:
Aleka Kanelidoy whose voice insults my sense of hearing.
11. You want to get married to:
Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman - Come What May. If I ever get married, that is. Ever. Never. Right.
12. You want played at your funeral:
Queen - Show Must Go On
13. Makes you want to mosh/slam dance:
Garbage - I'm Only Happy When It Rains
14. Sums up your teenage years:
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
15. You used to hate but now love:
Madonna's voice, ever since 'Evita' and the voice lessons ::eg::
16. You like to wake up to:
Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman - Elephant Love Medley
17. You like out of your parents' record collection:
My mother's best-of collection from Stratos Dionisiou (b-day present from me ::grin::)
18. Your parents like out of your collection:
My George Dalaras records collection
19. You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend:
Skip Ewing - It Never Would've Worked Out
20. You love the video more than the tune:
Eminem - Stan
21. Reminds you of your first crush:
Scorpions - Still Loving You
22. Makes you want to scream and smash things:
Whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving
23. Makes you think of the moon:
Extreme - More Than Words
24. Makes you think of sex:
James Marsden - Glow. 'Cause the man is sex! ::melts::
25. Makes you think of being alone:
Guns 'n' Roses - Cry
26. Describes a moment out of your life perfectly:
Lou Reed - Perfect Day
27. Makes you think deeply:
Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart - All For Love
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