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silly meme things at work that make me wonder if i need a shrink

they sent me one of these memes where they give you the questions after you give the answers. you know, the "write down 2 numbers from 1 to 10, 5 names, 4 songs" kind of meme.

according to the meme, apparently:
a) i'm in love jack o'neill,
b) i value daniel jackson but the thing between us is going nowhere (don't look at me like that, stupid meme says so),
c) when the going gets tough i'm counting on wolverine,
d) i know cyclops like the back of my hand,
e) obi wan kenobi is my lucky star
f) "what if" by kate winslet has something to do with jack ::shrug::
g) "this is how you remind me" by nickleback is for daniel
h) "bring me to life" by evanescence is the song that truly represents my spirit
i) "this war is over" by melissa etheridge is the song that reveals my emotions and my beliefs on life.

::looks at the last 2:: shit, i need help.

eta: starbrow found an online version of the meme --in english this time-- and i took again. i still think i'm a sick fuck...
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