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ugh! What is it with me and Stargate SG-1 these days? I can't get enough of it. I'm reading J/D going at it like bunnies as if there is nothing else written in the world, I'm downloading all the slashy songvids and clips I can get my hands on, my hard disk is bursting at the seams with pictures, captures, wallpapers, collages, photomanips and sketches. I'm even d/loading entire episodes with k-lite and my crappy 56k and thinking seriously about that aDSL offer my ISP made me as it seems I'm already spending the same money on dial-up costs! ::facepalm::

Uh, about that icon now:

base by enigel, found here in stargate_icons, along with all the purtties she made ::happy sigh::

It seems my Photoshop skills are improving --who knows, I may even try my luck at a collage one of these days. It's the first time I feel confident enough to put an icon up for grabs, so go ahead. Credit and/or comment for both enigel and me would be nice too. ^___^
Tags: gip, tv:sg-1
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