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Aaaack! WTF were they thinking!?!?

When was it that I was talking about Stargate and I said "I need a new fandom like I need a bullet in the head"? Well, someone please SHOOT ME!

See this?! (Careful!!! Stargate SG-1 7th Season spoilers in here!) This is what I meant back then! I knew it from episode 1x01, when I saw Carter, doing the not-a-blond-mop-look-I-have-brains routine, that somewhere down the way TPTB would try and play match-maker. It all comes down to the lets-get-the-guy-and-the-girl-in-the-sack affair. ::ugh:: I've seen it happen to the X Files fandom and, by the Force, I don't need a repeat performance! ::facepalm:: I guess should be happy that greek tv left us hanging out to dry mid-season during the 4th. It means I have still 3 full seasons ahead of me to watch before the shit hits the fan and it all goes to hell! Which means I have to make up my mind and finally order those dvd box sets but that's another story.

Don't get me wrong: I like Carter. I really like Carter. By all means, she could be my other half: brains and brass balls. In all aspects, my kind of woman. ::roar:: I just can't for the life of me see her with Jack.
Non-considering that I happen to believe she belongs with Janet.
Or that Jack is property of one Daniel Jackson, archaeologist extraordinaire.
And this is precisely why I didn't want to get involved with this fandom in the first place. It kills me that for 8 years, Jack and Daniel have been tiptoeing around each other, following the steps of the mating dance to the letter with every look, every touch, every word that's been left unsaid. They've been through fire and ice together, before Sam was even in the scene, keeping vigil when one of them was hurt, comforting the other when he needed it, when no one else realized he needed it, efficiently getting under each other's skin. When Jack looses Daniel for the first time, all he can think is retirement, as if Daniel was the only reason he was back in action. First time Daniel materializes after his ascension, is for Jack and only for Jack. He is so bent on taking him with him; he almost misses the chance to rescue him. When Sha're is killed, in his hallucination Daniel's subconscious supplies again and again how important Jack is to him and how they'll miss each other. It's like they've come to depend on the other's presence as a sign that all is well, all is right with the world. All the time hovering protectively, watching each other's six, ready to take the bullet for the other.

And on top of all these, they've been pawing each other every damn chance they've got! me? shallow? ::growl::

Oh man, I'm so worked up I feel homicidal. It's feels like beating the shit out of someone, anyone is the only way to get it out of my system! ::growls:: Gods, I know it may sound extreme but I'd rather see Jack dead than with anyone else except Daniel. I used to have this naive notion that maybe, maybe for once TPTB will act on the UST they have deliberately built between Jack and Daniel and on the last episode (or movie, I'm not picky) we would see Jack, retired, up in his cabin in Minnesota, clad only in a bathrobe, opening the door to a nervous-looking Major Carter, who's apparently there uninvited. He is very surprised to see her and lets her in reluctantly enough to make her jumpy. On the background we can hear a shower running. Carter smiles at the sound, asks if this is a bad time for a visit, half-joking about not having called first, as if she is a next-door neighbour. He makes a bad joke about perfect timing in an attempt to disguise how awkward he feels, wincing behind her turned back at the sound of his own words and the sexual innuendo behind them. Carter takes the clumsy come-on as an obvious sign of her welcome, relaxes a bit, takes a deep breath, turns around to face Jack, fixes him with a now-or-never stare and... the shower shuts. To her dismay she realizes that Jack is not alone in the house. Jack breaks eye-contact, looking somewhat guilty and her eyes dart on the counter next to where he is standing, where Daniel's glasses are carefully folded on top of his trademark sweater. Jack starts to say something, anything, Sam cuts him off. Gripping tightly her car keys she makes a "I guess I should have called first" comment and flees. Jack rests his head on the closed front door. His eyes slip closed, he takes a few deep, even breaths and pushes off the door. But instead of running after her, he walks back inside the cabin, towards the shadow of someone who's standing out of sight and their shadows become one. Outside, Carter gets in the car and dials a number in her cellphone. She steals glances at the cabin, waiting for the other end to pick up and when it does she says: "You were right, as always. I had to see it for myself that it never would have worked out. I'm coming home. If you'll have me that is." The answer she gets must be a good one because she hangs up smiling. Sam starts the engine, looks back at the cabin for one last time with a sad but warm smile and drives away.

Is that too much for a girl to ask?
Tags: meta, tv:sg-1
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