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it's 2:30 in the morning...

...and I'm watching MacGyver ^___^ In this ep he is an evaluator on a survival trip for senior Phoenoix agents. It's night, he is back at the camp, he enters the shack, crashes on a bunk, thinking how tired he is. Pete comes out of the kitchen, looking domestic, with a dish towel on this shoulder and says: "Hard day at the office?"
My mind went straaaaaight to the gutter, screaming "Lucy, I'm hoooome!!" all the way down! Man am I pathetic or what? I'm still snorting Bailey's out of my nose!
And because I know what a bunch of helpfull lasses you are ::blows kisses::, no matter how much I beg in the next days, do not, and I mean do not show me the way to Mac/Pete stories... ::facepalm::

Time to catch up with my mail and flist...
Tags: fandom
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