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Paging all Scott/Logan lovers out there

Mo is writing again!!!
::runs around in circles::

It's a completely new series called 'After the Fall'. It's has nothing to do with previous storylines and it's picking up where the second movie ended. 2 parts were posted in various lists like Logan_Scott, x-movieslash, cyclopsfanfics and x-fiction, but not on her site yet.

I don't have the time to read it! That bitch that calls herself Real Life won't even let me indulge my Stargate addiction these days.
::looks at mailbox and despairs::
Make that 3 parts...
::groans, buries head in hands::
Someone, shoot me, please!

Mo is writing again! Yey!
::runs around in circles some more::

Tags: movies:x-men, reading
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