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The transcript from Daniel Garrett's radio interview for BBC Wiltshire, has been floating the net almost a day now and I haven't heard any of you gals going *sqeee* yet. Come on, join me, I know you want to! Let me hear you, loud and clear:

ok, enough, read now!

Daniel Garrett: The last question is for you, Michael. What do you think of the fan fiction out there? Have you read any of it? Do you know of anyone within the cast or crew who has looked at it?
MS: Um... . I do know that the writers and the producers do know about fan fiction. I don't choose to dwell in that universe. I live with this character 24/7 as it is. It's very difficult to, you know... the idea of logging in and finding out what the characters -- what other people perceive as the characters' off-camera life are like. I don't choose to watch it. I've heard about certain kinds of fan fiction that are both risque and somewhat, um, just plain wrong. So I haven't read it but I do know that as long as it keeps the fans happy, that's what the most important.
DG: Are you referring to stuff between you and Richard Dean Anderson's characters?
MS: THAT's exactly to what I was referring to. Odd that you mention that.
CJ: What's 'plain wrong' about that? It's very natural.

Love ya, love ya, LOVE YA BIG GUY! ::g::

MS: Some people perceive it as very natural and, uh, Rick and I... we have a running joke on set about that as well and so to actually have people pick up on that is even more disturbing than the jokes that we make, so I think it is very funny and whatever floats your boat.
DG: So you play on it a bit?
MS: A little bit, but, not as much as the fans would like.

::looks around:: Is it me or is Michael trying to take back previous semi-positive comments about slash as subtly as possible? For crying out loud, this is the 2nd uncalled for reference in two days! (the other was in that fiasco the mods at Wolf Events forum called a celebrity chat ::rolls eyes::) But then I have to say it's so obvious his heart isn't really in it. He stuck his foot in his mouth when he used the phrase "pick up on that" and he swallowed the damn thing by admitting they do play on it!

See?! See?! The attraction is theeeeeere! We are not making it up!
::runs around in circles::
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