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This is a question for a specific fandom but please bare with me.

I was happily ripping off browsing for photos to use for manips ::wiggles eyebrows:: when the b/w image behind the lj-cut short-circuited my brain. Two naked men, sprawled on a corner-shaped couch, their faces hidden from the lens. They are obviously having sex but oh boy, that's not why my brain fried.
You see, there is something familiar about the way the sitting man is touching the man above him, the way he is holding him by the waist, his long fingers, the details of his hands, his bony knees, the long powerful legs... And the man kneeling between his splayed legs is tall too, with broad shoulders that show potential, perhaps his hair is a bit longish for the time-frame I'm putting them in but anyway... He not as lean as his partner but his almost hairless, flawless skin covers a well-built frame.

Sounds familiar or am I seeing things?

My brain is helpfully supplying two character names from a sci-fi series I adore. So tell me: who do you think they look like? Because if I am seeing things, this post goes under the category "You know you've been reading too much slash when..."

Tags: meta, tv:sg-1
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