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last entry before bed

slymole has been bugging me since forever to try it and I remember astolat giving it a thumbs-up sometime ago. So I took a plunge and this weekend I installed Firefox. I'm never ever going back, IE is so ancient history for my system. I wish I could install it at work as well. ::sigh::
In other news, my trusted compy runs trillian once more, yey! ::jabs fist in air:: ICQ and Y!IM accounts mentioned in my profile will be online mostly on weekends. T'was about friggin' time. =)
It's heartwarming how my secret-love list is getting shorter and my friends list longer. ::grins and waves at new friends:: If I keep this up, by the end of the month I'll have the better part of SG slash fandom in my list. ::g:: I'll just have to work up the nerve to do it and pray they won't think I'm a serial adder... ::snort, giggle::
::yawn:: Bed. Now.
[/badfic reference]
Tags: real!life, technobabble
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