16 April 2004 @ 02:17 pm
insomnia 0 - exhaustion 1  
My father came in my room around 9, reached up (I sleep on the top bed), pulled my leg and asked me if I work today. I opened my eyes, fought the urge to ask where am I and where the hell did Jack, Daniel and all the whipped cream go and asked what day is it, frowning over why he would ask me this on a Saturday morning since I haven't worked on a Saturday for the past 2 frigging years! My father --looking stony-- said "Friday", I went "oh, shit" and almost broke my neck in my hurry to get down my bed's small wooden ladder.
Greeeeeat way to start the last day of the week. ::trots off for a coffee refill::
*groans* I forgot my "Curse" caps at home. I only have the 2nd batch from "Solitudes" uploaded in photobucket but I don't want to put them up yet, I want dressed-to-kill!Daniel for today. Silk shirt that whispers on him with every move and dress pants that cling on those narrow hips like second skin. Damn.
Nothing can lift up your spirit in a Friday morning like opening your friend's blog and seeing he has put the link to your journal in the same list of links with Gaiman's. =D Only mine should come with a NC-17 warning ::leer::
i'm feeling: lazylazy
-Van: dj kinksslavelabour on April 16th, 2004 09:36 am (UTC)
dress pants that cling on those narrow hips like second skin

Rawr. I was just complaining to dirty_diana yesterday that MS doesn't have a happy trail which means Daniel doesn't either. Maybe he had to wear them because of his appendix surgery but I've seen pics of MS in jeans that were slung so low I was thinking if they slipped any lower we'd all be seeing nirvana. Seriously, the top of those jeans were like six inches (maybe more) below his navel and hanging on for dear life, sigh. But those pics DID give me an appreciation for how very well fingershaped bruises would stand out on Daniel's pale skin. *leer*
slymole on April 17th, 2004 07:35 pm (UTC)
muehe.. knew that'd cheer u up!
flattered to be on the top of your obsession list ;-)

PS: (re: Saturday morning barbarians) I managed to have the den all to my own today, so I could rise from slumber at my leisure, but my aunt woke me up at 0900 to call for an errand, so I sympathize =&-:
PS2: top bed = upper bunk (in milspeak) or upper berth (in navspeak)
Ishi-No Kokoro: jack: absolutely NOT gay! ...right.queenofstars on April 20th, 2004 01:17 pm (UTC)
upper bunk (in milspeak) or upper berth (in navspeak)

So how do you call it in bedroom-speak?
and did that sound as filthy as I think it did? ::meooooowr::
slymole on April 24th, 2004 07:32 pm (UTC)
Erm, in that case, you don't usually refer to it by name, it's just a sort of Cartesian geometry frame of reference ;-)

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