29 April 2004 @ 06:57 pm
First post from my new office.  
I barely have the time to make this entry but I have to say it: I love, love my new office.
So what if my desk is right outside the department head's office (that has its pros and cons...).
So what if in the cube in front of me sits the most irritating man in the department.
So what if now I share the same working space with 12 more people.
So what if I can't smoke in my desk anymore.
So what if I don't have my own HP all-in-one I was so fond of.
So what if my desk is smaller and I have half the cabinets to put the same volume of clutter I carried with me from the old building.
For the first time after 4 years in this company, I have a window.

I can see the sun.
i'm feeling: optimisticoptimistic
background noise: Tom Jones - Burning Down The House
slymole on April 29th, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC)
Way to go girl, I'm happy for you :-)
I'd say right now that I'd trade 9/10ths of my (admittedly awesome) bandwidth at work for a window with a view facing south-east and the chance to open it sometimes without inhaling the equivalent of a jet exhaust; and probably will, too, soonest, as I'm sick and tired of feeling and looking like a ragged wordprocessing turnip all the time. Tend a flowerpot for me too, will you?

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