Ishi-No Kokoro (queenofstars) wrote,
Ishi-No Kokoro

"Maintenance" - Stargate SG-1, implied J/D, drabble

I should be focusing in rebuilding my system after my boot hard drive crashed last week but there is always time for a brainfart, right? This is my take on the non-regular character challenge over at stargate100. It's likely it won't survive the day since it counts more than 100 words so I'm posting it here too in case Ash takes it down.

Title: Maintenance
Author: queenofstars aka Ishi-No Kokoro
Rating: uh, dunno, PG?
Character: Sgt. Siler
Summary: Everyone knows how many colonels it takes to change a light bulb; they won't ask and he won't tell.

"Sergeant? What's goin' on?" O'Neill peered under the ladder in front of his office and quirked an eyebrow at the man perched on it, tagging at the grid of the over-door light.

"Colonel," Siler glanced at Jack while unscrewing the light bulb, "emergency maintenance, Sir." He held the bulb high, tapped twice with his finger and frowned at it. "Something's frisky with the wiring in this section."


"Frisky, Sir." Siler climbed down and turned to face him. "I'll have to cut the power for, say, 20 minutes at least." He glanced quickly at the closed door and added pointedly, "Cameras will be off-line for that long, too."

Jack stared back hard at the man and after a long moment nodded once. "Sir?" Jack's hand stilled on the doorknob but he didn't turn. "Could you tell Dr. Jackson it's good to have him back, Sir."

"Will do. As you were Sergeant."
Tags: fanfiction, tv:sg-1
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