04 August 2004 @ 04:37 am
I'm Rena. I'm a survivor of sexual violence.
No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.
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(Anonymous) on August 4th, 2004 04:23 am (UTC)
No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.
I can't write it in my LJ because I don't remember it happen. I just...have this feeling.

Ishi-No Kokoro: Force help me... (by rahalia_cat)queenofstars on August 4th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
A lot of people in my lj list have posted the link without being victims themselves and I thank every single one of them for doing so or else I wouldn't have known. It's not only about victims going public, it's about raising public awareness too, so don't hesitate to post the link. I wish you this to be just a phobia born out of too much information on the subject. Because I wouldn't wish this violation even to my worst enemy.
I don't feel comfortable telling people about it, but it seemed a hypocrisy on my part to provide a link without saying that it happened to me too. I have nothing to be ashamed of. It wasn't my fault. I won't be silenced.

*hugs back and clings*

We are not alone.

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