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I had to calm down whether I liked it or not. I would begin to say that my brother has the oddest ways of bringing the family together after a fight.

He had a light fever since Friday, a sore throat and felt kinda tired, sleepy and then not. He dismissed it as a simple head cold and on Sunday he went to watch his favourite basket team play where, as usual, he screamed his head off.

Wednesday afternoon, mother called at work. They had to rush him to the hospital when his fever went up to 39.5C. *sigh* He was diagnosed with tonsillitis and infectious mononucleosis, the combination quite dangerous for a 26-year-old. *buries head in hands*
I didn't make it on time to see him that night so I visited back yesterday. He looked tired, seemed thinner to me, the fever making him look like he smoked Yoda's entire secret stash. I brought him batteries for his portable tv to last him for a month, fed him yogurt with sugar, let him toy with my cell phone. We joked around a bit, making fun of the guy in the opposite bed with the bandaged nose who snored. And when I got home, I made strawberry jell-o for him. Can you believe a hospital where they don't serve jell-o?! I would have laughed if I felt like it... I guess I've never told you I hate military hospitals. *growl*

Time to get home. Mom visits him mornings and evenings so I have to help her with the house so she can go back earlier tonight... Yeap! My bother has the oddest ways of bringing us back together.
Tags: real!life, rl:family
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