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People, on my life, I saw "Entity" only today. I had absolutely no idea what Siler and Jack had said during the episode when I wrote "Maintenance".


Don't you just feel special, when you write something and it turns out to be so close to canon? =D

eta: and while we're on the subject of writing... Remember that J/D scene I've dreamed off a while ago? Well, it seems the little sucker is writing itself after all. o_O;; I admit I don't have a clear view of what happened yet, but images are coming together.
A quite inebriated Jack is throwing Daniel wisecracks when I least expect it, mostly when I'm working (damn it) and I scribble in a haste at any scrap of paper I find in front of me -alas poor invoices- or my pda, lest I forget them. The worst is when I have epiphanies in the shower where I can't write/type/tape my voice. Have you ever had this moment where you have pictured the perfect scene, the perfect dialog and before it stops playing out you have already forgotten what has transpired? That’s me in the shower. ::headdesks::

At least I sort of remember that sex scene... Well. ::grins::
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