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One of my best friends is celebrating his b-day tonight. I have less than an hour for a quick shower, fix my hair, wear my contacts (don't laugh, I'm new to this crap and it takes me 10' an eye to put them on!), get dressed and if there's time left, put on some make-up too

My bro is doing better today. Fever is down to 37.8 and his throat isn't that swollen anymore so he's had more solid food for lunch. He loved the jell-o and he wants more. ^____^ Next time you hear me complain of how spoiled he is, remind me with a swift kick on my behind that I'm guilty of spoiling him rotten over the years! *grin*

Oh my, look at the time! Got to run! *smooch*

Tags: friends, real!life, rl:family
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