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I'm sure I had a livejournal... where did I put it? *pats pockets*

Yes, contrary to common belief, I'm still alive. *checks pulse* Well, maybe... Work is taking too much of my time and my energy. When I get back home it's all I can do to stay awake long enough to download my email and maybe read a J/D story or two to take my mind off work long enough to relax, before my eyes close on their own. I miss reading my f-list... *pout*
A lot has happened in the past two months, many changes that don't fit in a post. And to be honest, even if they did, I don't think I could stay awake long enough to write it. *yawn* Let's see how many I can get down before I shut down...


Last Friday, my best friend ALN had his first child, a baby boy. Doctor decided to take the baby by hysterotomy because Katerina was past her due day, baby was fully grown (man, that boy is tall) and yet her body refused to get ready for labor. Thankfully, everything went as it should, with no complications and such.
So, nurse comes out from delivery room and exclaims jubilantly: "3.750!", meaning the baby's weight in kilos of course and ALN deadpans: "Ok, tell them that's good enough, we'll take it." *cracks up* Damn work, I wish I was there to see the look on her face! It had to be priceless! =D No wonder the man stonewalled half the shrinks in greek navy... ALN, I love your wit, you are my true hero and the best daddy a child can ask for. Between you, me and his uncle George, he'll grow up to be the worst brat in Pireas and that's a promise! =D


My first laptop, Daniel, is almost 1 month old. I'm so proud of my new baby. He's young, fast, sturdy, handsome but inexperienced and for the moment depends totally on compy-Jack for knowledge, friendship, support and resources (i.e. programs, mp3s, screen captures, Stargate divx rips, ya know, all the little things that keep my sanity intact and make my life worth living). Their J/D love is blooming and I'm one blissful slasher. =) I'm determined to finish my J/D story on laptop-Daniel so, natch, first prog I installed was MS office. I'm sooooo happy!!! *bounce* Only think I lack now is inspiration; I run out about a month ago. *facepalm*
Mother on the other hand, is having her version of a stroke every time she sees the 10m utp patch cord laid out from living room to bedroom, but I can't afford wireless lan at the moment so, mommy? tough luck, take the few extra euros I have left to take grandma to the doc, quit whining and try not to trip on the cord too many times, you'll knock Daniel from bed.
... Come on, say it with me: I get to take Daniel to bed. ;D


I don't know how this happened but ever since we moved to our new headquarters, proxy allows MSN messenger to connect. Which means I get to chat when at work. *squee* Not that I have the time for a full conversation but I get to stay in touch with people. So, go to my info page grab my passport and talk to me! =) All other ids (y!im, aol, icq) can't connect at work but I have them all open *hinthint* when I'm at home (bless Trillian). Having MSN access at work is a blessing these days, because...

My ex, Bill, took a plunge and moved to UK. He is staying at Manchester with 2 gals he met online I-don't-know-when and he'll work for the mother company of a car rental firm he was working for when he lived here. I'm so green with envy, I beat Jack at stealth mode in the jungle. *ugh*
What with work and such, I haven't had the chance to miss him yet. I guess part of the reason is that I didn't go to the airport to see him off when he left last Thursday. On one hand, I couldn't bare to watch his mother cry. On the other, I thought his friends would be there too and I didn't want to make an ass of myself and cry too...
Anyway, we chat everyday and it's like he never left. I'm thinking that perhaps when he will visit for Xmas I'll go and pick him up from the airport. But I'll never see him off, it's my defence mechanism against his absence. What if we didn't succeed as a couple; he is a good friend and it's hard when he isn't around. *sigh*


Last but not least... GIP! nevskaya dared the icon meme and I found the perfect opportunity to corner her for an exclusive "made by nev". Ain't it the prettiest? *huggles icon and nevskaya* I'm considering revamping my journal to earth tones just for its sake.

It's mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Touch it and I'll try one of Jack's black-ops tricks on you. Or two. muaaaahahaha

And that says I've reached my limit for tonight... G'night world!
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