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I hope you won't mind if I share this with you. =)

I don't know if it's a Greek thing only or a universal one, but we have this saying that the first thing you do in New Year's Day, is what you'll do all year long. This year, I decided not to leave it to chance but do something I really want to follow me around during 2005.
So, after Dad threw the main lightswitch and back up again without *gulp* frying my 'puters and we --as in me, Ma, Da and Bro-- hugged and kissed and wished each other a great new year, instead of opening my presents, I pulled up and read two SG-1 stories, one new, one old, both from my all-time favorite author: 'Twenty-Nine' (I virtually tied my hands behind my back to keep me from reading it when she posted it) and 'Discovery'. It's five hours, a desk-chair cushion, a panty hose, one Spiderman/one Darth Tyranus action figures and two large pieces of bun later and I've read more beautiful stories from kres and troyswann and cofax7 and sef1029 and katie_m and icarusancalion and other fabulous writers who I hope won't mind that my first choice was destina. ;) Unexpected bonus; writing a 94-word paragraph from General!Jack's POV that I didn't know was there, until it poured out of me like rain waiting weeks under my skin for the right moment to drip from my fingertips...
Forgive the mush; I'm still affected by the sight of a double rainbow, the last thing I saw out of my window for 2004. =)

So. It looks like I'm going to spend 2005 reading magnificent new stories from D and writing mediocre drabbles. =)


Who needs new-year resolutions when there is fandom? =D

Happy, Creative New Year everyone! =)
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