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I made a J/D layout!

And it's not work-safe! Yey! *beams* So, what do you think? It's my first try on a customised s2 style layout; it's black & white and it's glow-y and it's Stargate themed and it's Jack and Daniel kissing and 'it's mine! it's mine! mine I tell ya!' *giggles till she drops, outta breath*
Seriously now, I've worked my ass off for months on those two photo manipulations and I'm insanely happy with them. I wish at this point I could work with textures and make it sparkly and shiny like jr_moon's but guess I could revise it later when I'm not brushes-incompetent any more. *g* I also made two icons from the manips, feel free to use them and pleeeease credit me in your keywords or icon comments if you do; thank you. =)

1. 2.

Next on my to-do list is a J/D mood theme, probably a b&w one since I'm still going through my black&white phase. I think I shoud re-do my site too, make a matching layout and update the poor thing. =)
Tags: icons, tv:sg-1
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