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Episode III at the Gates

Hey everyone! With Episode III around the corner, I've made eight character wallpapers, using images from the front page @ It's possible that someone else has had the same bright idea before, but here they are, just in case. ;) Click on the thumbnails for eight 1024x768 images, 184~204k each.

SPOILER WARNING: There is at least one new character and a critical scene featured, so if you you want to remain unspoiled, please, please don't look behind the cut. Consider yourself properly warned.

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I wouldn't mind if you'll link directly to the images, as long as you credit me when you do. Not much to ask, right? You are also welcome to link back to the entry, just don't forget to warn people about the spoilers and that my lj theme is not work-safe. ;)
Go on, kill my photobucket bandwidth, I dare ya! *grin*
Tags: fanart, movies:starwars
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