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Can you spell anal-retentive backward?

According to the official SG: Atlantis site, the new character's name is Ronan Dex. With an 'a'. Not Ronon, not Ronin, not Ranon. Ronan. R-o-n-a-n. Come on all, say it with me: Rooonaaaaaan. Leave it to Rodney to come up with the misspells and mispronunciations; he's more fun at it. ;)


eta: Ok, forget I said anything. Any site that states and I quote: "Feelings develop between Teyla and Sheppard, with their budding romance becoming playful sexual tension." has to be run by deranged not-monkeys hoped up on goofballs.

*recovers from laughing herself to near-stroke*

See that murky, watery stuff rolling down that drain on the corner? That was MGM/Sony's credibility. *shakes head sadly*
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