23 July 2006 @ 12:42 am
Posting this as a comment at the community most likely will get me banned, so, here it is.  
Dear not-anonymous-uploader:

I'm sure you've heard before, it's common courtesy for people to comment when they download a file you posted, but for more practical reasons than you might think. There's more to it than the 'thanks bro' backslap effect. Comments are a crude but efficient way to keep track of your bandwidth:

(n comments + n freeloaders) * 350MB = bandwidth you'd like to spend

So from time to time, you do the math and when you realise you're close to the bandwidth limit you set for this file, you pull the links; that's all folks, who ever got 'em, got 'em, please visit another mirror for your weekly hit.

For the love of John, don't pull files when people are still downloading!

By pulling the files from the server, you cut me at 89%, after 6 painful hours of downloading. 312MB of your bandwidth went to waste and I had to start over from scratch because when one attempts to resume files that are not there anymore, download managers delete from disk the downloaded parts.

*pauses to have nth freakout, a silent one 'cause parents have gone to bed*

I know I didn't have to download from you, I could have waited 10-15 minutes for someone from the regulars to put up a mirror, like they always do. And believe me, I would have if in your post you cared to mention that you'd be pulling the file. In the edit of the post you wrote some crap about warning you'd be pulling it after 24 hours, but guess what? I have the original post and it says no such thing. Not to mention that you pulled it in less than eight hours.

You know what I think? I think the file wasn't on your servers or your 'friend's' servers. You probably grabbed those links from a forum or two and after we killed some poor bastards' bandwidth, they pulled the files to minimize the damage.

But then, that's paranoid me. *handwave*

Whatever. The point is, this morning, I woke up at eight thirty to make sure I would watch my favorite show in the early afternoon. Now it's an hour and a half past midnight and I'm at 65% of my second attempt at a d/l.

Thanks for nothing.

No love,
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Stephicozar: John and Rodney pretty greenstephicozar on July 23rd, 2006 12:05 am (UTC)
*feels your pain* I uploaded an 80mb SG1 version to Sendspace, got a total of 3 comments and the file has run out of users/bandwidth. Which is why I'd never put it on my own/friends's server and tell a community - my flist, maybe, but not when there's a chance of it being shared around unknowingly.

Hope you get your file!
Ishi-No Kokoro: mckay: don't let the stars get in your equeenofstars on July 23rd, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)
My ADSL is merely a 128/128, which in a backwater country like Greece means hardly double the speed of a dial up and twice as crappy. Well, next time I'll be more careful.
The file finished just a couple of minutes ago but it's almost half past three so I'll call it a night and watch it tomorrow.
Thanks for the good vibes. = )

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