17 July 2002 @ 12:56 am
Can't keep my eyes open...  
long enough to give you the details I promised. Had a dreadful day. Senior secretary is on a 2-week vacation and today was only the 2nd day on my own in our floor.

*collapses on a chair*

I don't think I'll make it alive till she comes back. *moan*

Youngling secretary I know from my old post is at building's atrium. Lucky chick, her HoD* is on vacation too. For 2 weeks. I have my HoD, vacation girl's Director and Division's Director. They were all in today! *whimper* If I didn't like her that much, I'd hate her right now.

Can't keep eyes open any mo... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*Head of Department
i'm feeling: tiredtired
background noise: my head on the k/b when I dose off

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