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::breathes in paperbag::

Yes, from the job I want. Tomorrow, five thirty, in the other side of town from work I'll have to convince someone that I qualify for an Internet Help Desk/Call Center job. Yes slymole, I know I'm overqualified for the job. Bite me. =P


OMG, what do I wear for an interview? What will I say?! Last time I had an interview was four and a half years ago, inside the same company which meant I'd still have a job if boss S. didn't find me adequate.

::inhales shakily::

Oh, speaking of boss S.; he still doesn't know I intent to quit. I've been trying to find a way to tell him since Friday, but my diplomacy skills suck big time. Tomorrow morning he's expecting me to give him a status report on my tasks/chores. I'll have to tell him how much I've fucked up since end of May, that I've had it and I want out and oh, by the way, I'm leaving on time, if not a bit early today because I have an appointment I can't miss or re-schedule. He's going to blow his lid off.
Tags: jobhunting, real!life
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